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Do you have a brain or a mind?

Updated: Jun 3

Sometimes, we remember instances exactly the way they were. The most popular example! You will remember exactly what happened, where you were, what you said during a breakup. Sometimes even what colour t-shirt you were wearing and which version of iPhone you had. But do you remember what you were doing on the 10th of July?

This is a paraphrase of an excerpt from the book “The Source” where Doctor Tara Swart goes indepth about neurological aspects of our brain. Coming back to the topic, our brain does something called “selective attention”. A million things happen to us during the day and our brain does not intake everything. It absorbs sensory inputs from things that might interest you. If you’re a person who likes to listen to Jazz music and you happen to see someone playing a guitar in a park, then instantly your brain absorbs the sensory inputs of this scenario.

When you meet someone in a coffee shop for instance, it absorbs the image of the person in front of you - their perfume, sound of their voice and the emotions that are going on within you, during this conversation. The place where all this takes place is called the Thalamus. This neurological puppetmaster is similar to Google News Feed where Google tries to understand your bevhaiour and pops up news that it believes would interest you.

The brain’s ONLY intention is to keep you safe. Hence, it would do all what it can keep you in the comfort zone and never expose you to things that are new.

"New can be good. But it can also be dangerous." — your brain.

Is there are a way to convince your brain to go on an adventure? No. That is not possible. But there is a way to trick your brain.

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